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Overview of the Wangxian Valley Townlet

Wangxian Valley Townlet

Wangxian Valley Townlet is located in the north of Wangxian Township, Shangrao County, covering an area of about 6.1 square kilometers, is a collection of sightseeing experience, holiday health, sports and leisure, religious pilgrimage as one of the scenic spots. Wangxian Valley Townlet is 10 km south of Shangraoling Mountain Main Scenic Spot, 30 km north of Sanqing Mountain and 70 km north of Wuyuan, the most beautiful countryside, with remarkable advantages in tourism location.

Wangxian Valley Townlet is located in Wangxian Township. The northern vein of Lingshan Mountain twists and turns in the scenic spot, such as a Jiaolong that enters the sea. There are weird stone peaks such as flower rocks, stone lions, round mountains and double peaks. In the canyon, wild animals and plants are abundant and widely distributed. The three indexes of "air ion, plant essence and microbial content in the air" are better than the standard of "natural oxygen bar". The area has beautiful peaks, beautiful scenery, clear streams, outstanding original ecological landscape, fresh air, pleasant climate, visitors all call it quiet and beautiful.

The unique geographical climate and special geotectonics make Wangxian Valley Townlet have magnificent landform landscape, quiet and pleasant hydrological landscape, rich and rare forest landscape, fantastic weather landscape, enjoying the reputation of "fairy home". There is a hymn day: Tianmen often holds meetings in all directions, enchanting the fairy goddess to stay in the wizard; Zhifu lazy wings, lion roaring like a rainbow; Jade rabbit moved out of Guangsai, Jin Bu held his head in a call to the fairy; Westward swim to this success, Hu Zu emerged to the fairy palace; Tianxin Zen Lin famous overseas, the beauty is still in the clouds of dreams; Lingshan fairyland fairyland He sighed Penglai is empty.

The culture of the scenic spot is deep and has an indissoluble bond with the three historical celebrities of Hu Zhao, Zhu Xi and Yang Shiqiao. The descendants of Hu Zhao and Zhu Xi lived in Daji and Gao Nanfeng, respectively, and have multiplied to this day. Yang Shiqiao was born in Yangjia, Wangxianqiaotou, and later moved to the beach at the bottom of Golden Hill, Guangxinfu (now the beach of Shuinan Street, Xinzhou District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province). Forty-four years in Ming Jiajing (1565). In the Wanli years, the official to the Ministry of justice left the minister.

With the characteristics of the Grand Canyon, Jufeng, Juyan, Jianwaterfall, mountain clear current and the cultural resources of prayer belief, Baiyun ancient view, folk custom culture and Buddhist culture, the natural landscape and historical culture reflect each other brilliantly, which provides us with a cultural symbol of Northeast Jiangxi with rich humanistic and historical information as well as agricultural, commercial and Confucian in the declining feudal society. Ben. In 2017, it was included in the "beautiful countryside" by the Shangrao county government.