Wild river fish

Wangxian Canyon Town has green hills and clear waters, cliffs and waterfalls, strange stones and clear springs, ancient temples and fruit trees, old trees and stone bridges, flowers, fish, insects and birds, especially the river fish in the stream is the most primitive taste of the tongue in the south of the Yangtze River. Wild river fish spines, though many, but delicious taste, put rapeseed oil cooking, put mint to increase the smell of fishy, farm stove burned, whether fried or boiled soup are fresh and delicious, attractive appetite.

Farm bean curd

Tofu is the main raw material of vegetarian dishes in China. It was very unpalatable in the memory of our ancestors at the beginning. After continuous transformation, it was gradually welcomed by people and was praised as "vegetable meat". Wangxian farmers wash their own soybeans, dry them and then grind them into pulp, heat and filter them into gypsum water, and finally make pure ecological farm tofu. This raw bean curd is the most delicious fish soup.

Nourishing Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy Duck stocked in rural areas has good meat quality, low fat, lean meat and high protein content. It has long been regarded as a treasure to strengthen the body and is popular among consumers because of its rich nutrition. Place the earthen casserole in the firewood and simmer for 4 hours. Straightly stew the duck until it is crisp and fragrant, with a "wok smell" of the earthen stove. Don't mention how delicious it is.

Rice bran fruit

Rice bran fruit is a famous local specialty in Shangrao, Jiangxi. The rice is ground into powder, then fried and cooked in a pan, rubbed into balls, similar to the size of dumplings, boiled with ribs or tubular bones into high soup, put in rice bran, and add bean sprouts, tofu bubbles, bran and cut into filaments of water mushrooms, fungus, dried bamboo shoots, cuttlefish, with scallions, ginger, garlic, etc., people who like to eat hot peppers, you can also add chillies One, cook in a pot. The rice bran soup is delicious, smooth and delicious. It is the traditional staple food of Shangrao people on the summer day.

Stir fried snail with mint

"Peach blossoms and flowing water are springing up, the most delicious time is when the river is delicious." The snails in the flowing stream in the countryside are small and tight, and the snails with good water quality taste more delicious. Tomb-sweeping season is a good time for fairies to eat snails and lions. They go to the river pond to feel half a basin of snails, keep in clear water for two days to spit sand, and then clip the tail. Cook them in rapeseed oil with some scallions, ginger and chilli, and remember to put Mint in the end. The fat snails are as good as goose meat.

Bamboo shoots

Wangxian is a place with mountains, bamboos and bamboos, green eyes and deep spectacle. Naturally, bamboo shoots are indispensable to the unique bamboo resources. The bamboo shoots dug after the beginning of spring are praised as "vegetable king" for their large body, white as jade, fresh and tender meat, delicious and refreshing taste. It is also known as "mountain eight treasures". Bamboo shoots and pork are the best meat and vegetable partners.

Frying fruit

Fry is a special snack in Shangrao, Jiangxi. Grey fried fruit is a kind of food made by mixing glutinous rice with rice, grinding it into pulp, filtering it with vegetable ash after precipitation, and steaming it in a steamer. It has a light gray taste. Shangrao people have the custom of making fried fruit at the festival of Zhongyuan (seven months and a half). When the Mid-Yuan Festival comes, Shangrao people usually steamed fried fruit and used to sacrifice their ancestors on the night of the Mid-Yuan Festival.