Jiangnan Haoting International Hotel

Hotel Description:

Shangrao Jiangnan Haoting International Hotel adopts the most popular international style as a whole, with dignity without conventions, luxury without loss of elegance, complete sets and fashion. The hotel makes full use of the architectural and decoration style of the building, ingeniously combines the hotel warm and appropriate, healthy and environmentally friendly brand concept, creating a hotel room of different taste, style, to bring you a variety of experience.

Price: $238 a night.

Scheduled telephone: 0793-5688888, 17770308886

Jiangnan light luxury hotel

Hotel Description:

Yiju Hotel adheres to the design concept of "exquisite, elegant, comfortable and not tired", combines "rhyme to the south of the Yangtze River" and "modern business" into one, with elegant and warm but concise and restrained design style, the perfect integration of humanity and nature.

Reservation notes

If there is any doubt before booking, you are advised to consult online or call the hotline 0793-8467888.

Price: $218 a night.

Scheduled telephone: 0793-8444444

Intoxicated Villaggio Boutique Hotel

Residence: Farmhouse is conveniently located in Huatan Mountain Town, the air is fresh in the countryside, the summer evening also need to wrap up and sleep. The hotel is clean, hygienic, comfortable and affordable, and can experience the life of the local people.

Price: single room / standard room 70 yuan a night.

Scheduled telephone: 13607032957