Fermented bean fruit

It is a kind of food made from soya bean or black bean and glutinous rice. It can be snack or instant food, belonging to the specialty of Shangrao, Jiangxi province. There are two flavors of spicy and spicy. Sauce generally into a round cake shape, about 5-10 mm thick, black color, harder, generally cut into strips to eat. As soon as autumn arrives, Wangxian Farmers will also dry pumpkins, eggplants, peppers, pomelo peels and glutinous rice together to make dried pumpkins, pomelo peels and so on.

Chili patse

Home-grown chili peppers in Wangxian Canyon town are red, picked, washed and dried, chopped together with seasonal ginger and garlic to make chili sauce. Local chili peppers are not spicy, but also with a mellow mountain fragrance, can be mixed with rice flour, noodles to eat, can also be used as a spicy seasoning when cooking.

Dried persimmon

There are many old persimmon trees in the mountain of hope. They are covered with branches in autumn. Persimmon cake is a kind of cake-like food processed from persimmon. Its nutritional value is very high. The vitamin and sugar content of persimmon cake is about 1-2 times higher than that of common fruit. Persimmon cake is sweet and delicious, and has a unique flavor. When it is dried, the water evaporates, and fructose dissolved in the water precipitates in the process, forming persimmon frost.

Free range honey

Honey is a nutritious food, and fructose and glucose in honey are easily absorbed by human body. Regular use of honey for heart disease, hypertension, lung disease, eye disease, liver disease, dysentery, constipation, anemia, nervous system disease, gastric and duodenal ulcer disease has a good auxiliary medical role. Native honey, also known as Chinese honey, commonly known as native honey, is a variety of honey collected by Chinese honey bees, also known as Chinese honey, production is scarce, no pollution in mountain areas, high nutritional value.

Dried bamboo shoots

Spring bamboo shoots in the mountains are refined by many processes, such as shelling, cutting and rooting, high-temperature cooking, water soaking and bleaching, natural drying / drying. Dried bamboo shoots are rich in protein, cellulose, amino acids and other trace elements, low fat, low sugar, multi-dietary fiber characteristics of food, appetizing effect.